Murder xoxo


Deep orange flames lick each corner of the fireplace as the soft turning of pages whispers through the dimly lit parlor.

Curious eyes glance at you over the rim of smudged black eyeliner and with one look, Murder xoxo has you right where she needs you. Her fantasy swells to include you, lost in the world of femme fatales and murder mysteries, page by page until the shifty glances and endless queries have you both smirking in secret.

Her mind runs a mile a minute, like a French film noir that you can’t quite predict. Her gentle laugh coats your senses like cinnamon sugar and a warning piques in your ears.

Reminiscent of a true crime documentary on a stormy night, you find yourself engulfed in the sweet mystery of Murder xoxo- She is sugar and spice, but at what kind of price? 

  • Head; creamy chai

  • Heart; vanilla, cinnamon + sugar

  • Soul; maple

All of our candles are made with a paraffin free coconut soy wax blend. We use cotton, lead free wicks and our fragrances are paraben/phthalate free.

We use blends of fragrance oils and essential oils and are PETA certified vegan/cruelty free.

This candle is 9 oz (255 grams) The dimensions are 3 x 3.25 in and is in a translucent black glass candle vessel. This jar is reusable as decor. 

Burn time is roughly 50 hrs. For the love and safety of your candle, please trim the wick before every burn. To learn more about candle care visit here. 

Burn clean, Burn often.

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