Death by Mistletoe


She sits across the lounge, un-titled book in hand as she nurses a glass of something strong. The melodies of holiday classics emit faintly from down the hall and she sways, almost imperceptibly, to the sound. You’re not sure when she arrived, but there she is. With all the courage you can muster, you approach and the sweet essence of ginger and italian meringue caress you in a dizzying whirl.

She looks at you over the top of her page turner, a playful smile spreading across her uniquely beautiful face. She welcomes you, gesturing to the seat beside her and you sit immediately, almost as if you had no choice.

Something about her draws you in, be it her warm charm or her well-earned intelligence and you want, no. You need to know more.

Death by Mistletoe does not entertain the masses, only venturing out when the whimsy of her own fantasy runs stale.

She offers you a drink and nervous, you look away to roll your sleeves. When you turn back, she is gone. As quickly as she appeared she has vanished, and you choke back a gasp. You know you’ll see her again soon, around some corner or across the courtyard at dusk. No occasion can be too soon. 

Head; orange, ginger

Heart; marzipan, italian meringue

Soul; vanilla bean

From the founder; I was inspired by the idea of doing a candle inspired by a very fancy, decadent cocktail (or mocktail.) I wanted it to be creamy, illusive, mysterious, but also warm and inviting. It is the holidays after all. I wanted it to feel like something you'd get at a speakeasy that you randomly find while dodging the rain or an unnamed bar down the street that you keep to yourself. 

Death by Mistletoe is a wildcard and I love her.

I hope you love her too,


All of our candles are made with a paraffin free coconut soy wax blend. We use cotton, lead free wicks and our fragrances are paraben/phthalate free.

We use custom blends of fragrance oils and essential oils and are PETA certified vegan/cruelty free.

This candle is 9 oz (255 grams) The dimensions are 3 x 3.25 in and is in a black glass candle vessel. This jar is reusable as decor. 

Burn time is roughly 50 hrs. For the love and safety of your candle, please trim the wick before every burn. To learn more about candle care visit here. 

Burn clean, Burn often.

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