My girlfriend is a vampire


The cool, crisp air of the autumn night consumes every inch of your skin as you walk, the midnight hour ticking closer every second.

Calmly, but with purpose, she leads you both through the night, savoring each glimmer of the moonlight as it twists slowly through her hair and down her chest, her waist, her legs. It’s almost as if they were lovers in a time long forgotten, the way each movement she makes casts a sultry shadow, larger than life, on the dampened lunar-lit concrete.

She pauses, her cherry red lips rising to a smile as she studies your face, your eyes, your neck…- Her intellect devours and you let it, each cheeky remark smoldering deep, like a stake to the heart. Blood burns in your veins wherever she touches and you wish, no, you need her to know. 

  • Head; firewood, clove
  • Heart; vanilla bean
  • Soul; tonka, patchouli, cardamom

All of our candles are made with a paraffin free coconut soy wax blend. We use cotton, lead free wicks and our fragrances are paraben/phthalate free.

We use custom blends of fragrance oils and essential oils and are PETA certified vegan/cruelty free.

This candle is 9 oz (255 grams) The dimensions are 3 x 3.25 in and is in a translucent black glass candle vessel. This jar is reusable as decor. 

Burn time is roughly 65 hrs. For the love and safety of your candle, please trim the wick before every burn. To learn more about candle care visit here. 

Burn clean, Burn often.

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