Mykonos in Scorpio


She's the palm tree breeze beneath disco-tinted sea spray, as free and uncharted as glistening moonlight waves. She tastes of peachy-seduction with stardust-coated sunsets between her teeth.

Her laugh; embers of desire, but her eyes are blushing cheeks and beads of sweat slinking from the nape of your neck to the small of your back. Her touch is beach picnics with shimmering rum cocktails, yet her mind a diamond-crested serpent slithering deep into your core. Maybe she’ll bite. God, you hope she does.

You cannot hide from her, with each glance she unlocks corners of your soul you never knew. In bone-deep, you’ll drown in her swell.

She is freedom under starry skies and secrets in the pouring rain, a crystalline reminder of humanity like the moon’s cool touch on your sun-kissed skin. Her effervescent intensity brings you to your knees as you pray to be swept away by each tide of desire.

Head; italian peach, 

Heart; tonka, rum

Soul; sandalwood, patchouli, cedar

All of our candles are made with a paraffin free coconut soy wax blend. We use cotton, lead free wicks and our fragrances are paraben/phthalate free.

We use custom blends of fragrance oils and essential oils and are PETA certified vegan/cruelty free.

This candle is 9 oz (255 grams) The dimensions are 3 x 3.25 in and is in a opaque black glass candle vessel. This jar is reusable as decor. 

Burn time is roughly 50-55 hrs. For the love and safety of your candle, please trim the wick before every burn. To learn more about candle care visit here. 

Burn clean, Burn often.

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