Nightwork Candle

Dreamers & Lovers Small Tins


Can't decide? Our travel tins are a fun way to sample all of the scents. 

Made with our same signature scents just smaller these tins have a 20hr burn time. Perfect for sampling, stacking or traveling.

Scents to choose from;


Velvet Heart; blood orange, pink pepper, cashmere + black cardamom

Juliette at Midnight; black rose, jasmine, night violet + hinoki

Smoky Bars & Life on Mars; coconut milk, black pepper, tonka + smoky musk

Pink Milk; bergamot, cereal, toasted coconut + crushed berries

Draw me like one of your French girls; dried flowers, black pepper, amber + musk

Chelsea Hotel; dark plum, lily of the valley, leather + sandalwood

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