Welcome to Nightwork Candle,

There is something almost inexplicable in the air at Nightwork Candle. Promises whisper down our corridors in the dead of night, lustful sighs kept hidden by the guise of champagne bubbles and rust colored linens. Sounds of tourists and vacationers are lost in the breeze as they travel the indigo waters off the coast of Spain, leaving the silence of candle flames in their wake.

The art deco silhouette looms over the reclusive beaches below and a warm golden glow spills from the cracked windows like cigar smoke from merlot-stained lips. Obscured behind locked doors lie decades of stories untold, memoirs left etched in each mirror and floorboard.

If you listen closely, arias of that time forgotten sift through your hair and past your ear, murmuring sweet and haunting nothings that intrigue and consume. Nightwork Candle is nothing if not poetic and it shows in each painter, artist and poet who enters our aura with a checkout date unprovided.

Mornings here are poured to the brim with cocktail induced sunshine and romance novels on the pool-deck. At dusk, the smolder of faint red light seeps beneath the door-frames and invites you to come closer, if you dare.

The night tastes of lingerie kisses and each caress of moonlight leaves traces of perfume to linger on your skin, infinitely. Those who visit us seeking tranquility and reckless abandon always unearth what they desire. So much so, that no one who enters ever leaves.

Each broken heart and starry-eyed lover finds a home at Nightwork Candle, an alluring concoction of who you’ve been and the muse you’ve always hoped to be. The temperament of each entity is embodied in the scents provided, each as rare and as beautiful as a cloudless sky.

With all the time you need and not a second more, who will you choose to experience first?

Nightwork candle was created to inspire and delight, breathing release into the lungs of the modern woman: A love note not written by man. An escape into a world unknown.

The image of our self ideation reflects on the surface of the water that tickles our toes and momentarily, we escape. Through each line of prose and flick of a paintbrush, the muses challenge each of us to take our time.

The gentle breeze whisps through the palm leaves and cradles the nape of your neck in longing. Come away with Nightwork and allow yourself to be. 

We pride ourselves on our candles for your next escape. Using only the highest quality paraffin free, coconut soy wax blends, lead free cotton wicks and oils free of parabens and phthalates, Nightwork is proud to be Peta certified vegan and cruelty free.