Rollerball Eau du Perfum


Velvet Heart;

  • blood orange, labdanum, tonka, black cardamom, soft oud

Chelsea Hotel; 

  •  lily of the valley, dark jasmine, vanilla, tonka, leather, musk, smoke, sandalwood

Pink Milk;

  • bergamot, crushed berries, cereal, toasted coconut, sandalwood, vanilla

Smoky Bars and Life on Mars; 

  • smoked violet, midnight jasmine, black pepper, cedar, tonka, musk

Juliette at Midnight; 

  • night jasmine, grapefruit, bergamot, black rose, spice, hinoki, vanilla, patchouli

Step into our realm of enchantment with our exquisite 0.33 oz rollerball perfumes — a celestial fusion of luxury and ethereal beauty. Each bottle is not just a vessel; it's a portal to a dreamy realm where fragrance becomes an art form.

Our perfumes are not only a symphony for the senses but also a celebration of compassion. Crafted with love, they are proudly vegan and cruelty-free, embracing the elegance without compromise.

Our commitment to quality is evident in every drop, with each perfume boasting an indulgent 30% fragrance concentration, ensuring a long-lasting and deeply captivating allure.

These perfumes are not just scents; they are poems written in the language of love. Let them weave stories on your skin, an ode to beauty, and a dance of fragrant harmony. Because when it comes to indulgence, our perfumes are a masterpiece — made with love, crafted with poetry.


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