Velvet Heart Eau De Perfum

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Velvet Heart overlooks the cityscape from the penthouse window, a secret so close to discovery yet entirely untouchable. Cashmere kisses hug her skin like cozy sweaters, exposing her collar bone to the morning sun.

Baby’s Breath lives in the crystal vase near her bedside and emits a residual energy of black cardamom and lavender.

Velvet Heart loves hard, a downpour of iridescent glitter and sky high stilettos in pastel shades of orange and pink.

Sugar and spice, but not always nice, she places her cherry red nails in the fountain of the courtyard and dreams of a lover to call her own. 


  • Top; blood orange 

  • Heart; labdanum, tonka

  • Soul; black cardamom, soft oud

Step into our realm of enchantment with our exquisite 1.7oz / 50ml perfumes — a celestial fusion of luxury and ethereal beauty. Each bottle is not just a vessel; it's a portal to a dreamy realm where fragrance becomes an art form.

Crafted with love, they are proudly vegan and cruelty-free, embracing elegance without compromise.

These perfumes are not just scents; they are poems written in the language of love. Let them weave stories on your skin, an ode to beauty, and a dance of fragrant harmony. Because when it comes to indulgence, our perfumes are a masterpiece — made with love, crafted with poetry.

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